We are a company that installs, maintains and repairs low, medium and high voltage electrical networks.

Our company policy is based on the following values:


Promote the improvement of the quality / price of services, meeting the needs of Customers, through the optimization of processes and control of production costs.


Comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, in addition to those specified internally, in order to ensure that the activities are carried out in conditions of safety, hygiene and protection of the health of those involved;


Collaborate with the Customer in the development of alternative solutions with a view to technological, environmental, safety and energy efficiency developments, always complying with all the requirements specified by it, in addition to the applicable legal and regulatory requirements;


Comply with contracts with Customers, Suppliers and Employees.

1986 - the beginning

Instalaçores, Lda. was founded in 1986, with the objective of executing works of Electrical Installations that were developed in Azores archipelago.

Began his work in the areas of Electrical Installations, Security and Communications Installations, on the island of São Miguel.

30 years after

We have carried out works in all the islands of the Autonomous Region of the Azores, having always had as main objective the creation of a stable and reliable position in the sector. market.

We have always carried out public and private works contracts, being the holder of a license; of public and private works contractor of 4ª Category of Electrical and Mechanical Installations.

2014 until today

Leading SME company since 2014, a credible and professionally recognized company by all with whom it collaborated and collaborated, being frequently asked to provide services in the design and construction of Customer Projects , clear example of this trust.